Posted on Feb 28, 2021

Genesis Tree Service

Need Tree Trimming in Sterling, VA? The nature of self pruning

Once a client asked me “but why do we need to prune trees?” While I was surprised at first, I came around to see it as a meaningful question. Why indeed. My internal list of reasons was quick at hand, so I offered this first.

I trim and prune trees to:

- Guide the growing structure of branches towards optimal health, safety (manage dangerous high limbs or fire hazards),

- Increase productivity (in the case of food and medicine plants), and

- For functional beauty (at least size and shape) for where it lies in our human-centric landscapes.

This answer works well for me on one level, and I am happy to elaborate on each point. But before I do, there was a deeper question in the fabric of our conversation worth acknowledgment.

Why do people cut and control trees as a culture and an aesthetic? We are surely not meant to prune it all.

Importantly, there is place for unpruned trees, let to their own wild exploration of their own self, circumstance and beauty. It is a great practice for us all to notice and honor this essence of freedom outside of us as well as within us. And, yet, trimming is in our nature too.


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